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The Cypress Village Elementary Run Club is a PTA program devoted to the health and fitness of kids. For 11 weeks we train and educate kids on fitness and health to prepare for the Kids Run the OC 1-mile race on the OC Fairgrounds on May 2th. The accumulation of miles over the 11-week program is an estimated 25.2 miles so that the kids complete a cumulative marathon of 26.2 miles on race day.


When are practices and when do we start? We start on Wednesday February 19th. We will meet every Wednesday afterschool out hear on the school fields for 30 minutes.


Do I need to know how to run? No requirements at all. Just a happy and open mind.


What do I need? Any comfortable activity shoes or clothes and a water bottle.


What is race day like? On race day the kids are assigned a heat wave based on their own age. They will only run with their own age group so the kids won’t be overwhelmed by the older kids. There are open heats for special cases. Note that only kids and coaches will only be allowed on the race course. I will be on the race course along with other parent and teacher volunteer coaches to ensure the safety and well-being of the kids. As a part of the program I will prepare the kids for this big day.

On race day, student will receive and official race event shirt and a medal for all their hard work. Their mile will be chip timed and will receive an official time.


What if I can’t be at there on race day? I will be holding a make up race at Cypress Village the following Wednesday. At that event I will be distributing the medals and shirts to them.


How do I sign up?

Three parts:

I will be collecting waivers and answering questions at the MPR every morning starting February 4th to Feb 19th.



Kids Run the OC Waiver

Cypress Village Run Club Agreement


Do I need a 2020 Run Club Shirt? Yes. Last year it was an option but this year I would like them buy them. The main reason is for the kids to wear them on race day so that us coaches can quickly identify and track our kids. I am expecting a large enrollment this year and it will easier for us to manage the safety of the students. This year we have a brand-new design and all the kids will want to show their spirit and show their pride on campus.


The deadline has passed to purchase a 2020 Run Club Shirt. Please email me if you have any questions. runclubcvpta@gmail.com


Where do I get additional information and turn in the paper waivers? I will be out in front of school in the mornings from February 4th to the 19th. To pick up waivers and answers any questions. You can also go to the PTA website and click under Programs-> Run Club. An you can always email me at runclubcvpta@gmail.com Also, if you are available to help volunteer at please contact me.